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“Kiber” means “rudder of a ship” in Greek.

The company name embodies the desire to be a good steer for our customers.
The projects that we help with are not just about achieving the goals, but also about the process and workmanship to the results.
From the customer’s point of view, we listen to your requests, consider for the realization of the project, and then make efficient and effective proposals to create something that can be surely formed.
It is the job. Please feel free to leave the project at the port. And by all means, leave the steering role to Kiber.

Representative Director Takeshi Takayama

Business content

Helping to create an office

  • Design and management for Opening office and relocation
  • Design and management for Office layout changes
  • Management of long-term projects such as consolidation of branches
  • Coordination and response related to information and communication technology (ICT) due to changes in the office environment

We thoroughly implement “focusing on the planning stage” such as layout design, drawing creation, CG production, process and schedule management, various related construction adjustments, etc., and we are trying to manage your project with high customer satisfaction.
In addition, we have a professional person that allows ICT (information and communication technology) related projects, so we can respond to the requests of the person in charge of the information department of the customer as a one-stop service.

About the role

Help from the planning stage

  • In the case of an office relocation, we can make a layout plan at the planning stage. So you can imagine the project in a visible way.
  • Providing an approximate budget at the planning stage.
    We can present a reasonable costs based on the results of various office construction projects.
  • Presenting a project planning.
    We will present a project plan focusing on schedules, costs, and product specifications.

Design & coordinationIn

  • the case of layout design, we can propose various ideas to maximize the needs of our customers.
  • We can respond change requests as much as possible during the project.
  • On behalf of customer, we can confirm and grasp a construction restrictions including the scope of work etc.. Of course, we will share information at appropriate timing with you.
  • Our position is to support the customer’s project team, including coordination work between the person in charge of project and the person in charge of the IT system.


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