KIBER Design & Project Management

Total Project Management

Total Project Management

All for our clients

As a professional of design, construction and project management on behalf of clients, we have been working closely with all clients’ requests and supporting problem solving regarding various projects ( relocation / new open for a office and Factory etc.) that our clients have since our company’s inception in 2005.

There are no restrictions on our services.

We provide total support from the start of the project to the end of the project and the start of business at new office.


  1. High Flexibility

  2. Reduce Client Load

  3. Reduce Project Cost

  4. Professionality of Project Management

  5. Total Management

01.High Flexibility

High Flexibility

Flexible support beyond business items that large PM companies cannot deal with.

Although there are items of business contract as PM / CM, we will work positively to meet the needs of all clients.

Case: Support for selecting Barcode Reader

Although not directly related to the construction project, we are committed to selecting the barcode reader equipment as a key equipment of the entire project. In addition, we also managed the overall operational instruments.

02.Reduce Client Load


A lot of work is required to handle the project, which puts a heavy load on the customer.

Kiber builds a professional project team for key tasks to support the entire project.
Clients can concentrate on their core business and contribute to the success of the project as a project owner.

03.Reduce Project Cost

Reduce Project Cost

In recent years, the construction cost, especially the amount of construction designated by the building, which is called B construction, has soared.
We calculate the overall project budget at the initial stage of the project and share the project budget with our clients. We prevent cost overruns as much as possible and aim to fix the best project budget.

In some cases, we will work with affiliated value engineering company to reduce the estimated amount.

04.Professionality of Project Management

Professionality of Project Management

Today, there are a lot of companies that carry out project management.
However, there are only a handful of really successful project managers.

We have been dedicated to provide Project Management services since our company’s inception in 2005

Our Project Management staffs receive cooperation requests from other companies for large projects and projects in crisis situations.

05.Total Management


Kiber has in-house professional members who can handle various projects, such as architect, interior designer, MEP / IT consultant and furniture coordinator.
We configure the best members for your project.

For example, Kiber IT Manager is working as a coordinator to connect a Facility Management Department and a IT Systems Department to ensure smooth project operation.

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