PM/Design/Consulting for Office Relocation

The need to rebuild the existence of offices is rising in Covid19.
In addition to the Activity Based Working (ABW) conducted before covid19, it is necessary to do a remote working, to secure an appropriate distance between employees, to prevent splashes when they cannot be taken (installation of acrylic plates, etc.), and smoothly transition to the new normal after covid19 has ended.
We are flexible in any situation you may have and are committed to your project success.
We have in-house architect and designers, so we will be able to fully meet your requests.

Project management related to tenant construction before building completion

In recent years, tenant side construction, so-called B construction, can be carried out before building completion delivery by tenant contract before completion of large buildings, etc.
However, before the completion of the building, the JV or the building designated general contractor has a management responsibility.
In other words, it is necessary to closely arrange to the building management company and the general contractors duo to proceeding simultaneously with building construction work (A construction).
We have made achievements as a tenant side PM for large-scale buildings such as Shibuya Scramble Square and Kioicho Garden Terrace.

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